Sigmund’s music needs to be listened to, as it defies description. His unique style is not only present in his original compositions but throughout all his albums which include everything from popular tunes to folk music and orchestral works. His music is often described as “Nordic” or “arctic” with “blue” moods.

External links to video

  • NRK’s 1977 TV concert with Sigmund, Ketil Bjørnstad, Espen Rud and Terje Venaas. Music from the album Musikk for en lang natt.
  • Watch this NRK documentary about Sigmund on tour in 1975 with Ketil Bjørnstad and Lars Hauge for Rikskonsertene (Concerts Norway).
  • NRK TV mini concert with Sigmund from 1991.
  • NRK TV’s “harmonica school” with Tommy Reilly and Sigmund is now online at
  • Sigmund performs his composition Det var ein gong / Once upon a time on NRK in 1992.
  • Watch Sigmund perform a folk tune at a festival in 1992.
  • Sigmund appears five times in this NRK Christmas special from 1978.
  • Part one and two of a Nordic concert / festival of classical and folk music. Sigmund is the chosen Norwegian soloist. Among the songs are Nordic night in a special symphonic version.

External links to radio programmes

  • Throughout the summer of 2018 you could hear Sigmund’s radio documentary series Fra Halvorsen til A-ha, about Norwegian popular music through times, originally broadcast on NRK in 1989. The 13 reruns can still be heard in the NRK app or online.
  • On February 22nd, 2018 you could hear Sigmund being interviewed about Prayer for the dream, Sigmund’s original music to poems by Hans Børli, on NRK P2. Replay the programme Spillerom.
  • On February 11th, 2017 you could hear Sigmund as a guest in the programme “My favourite music” on NRK Klassisk (NRK Classical Music).


Play tracks from the album Harmonica Hits (2014):

5 minute medley

Play tracks from the album harmOrgan (2010):

I himmelen

Recorder sonata in F major (Händel)

Se vi går opp til Jerusalem

Play tracks from the album Grieg Album (2007):

Solveig’s song

Old mother

 At Rondane

Play tracks from the album Here, There and Everywhere (2004):

Here, There and Everywhere


Theme from The Sundowners

Play tracks from the album Classical Harmonica (2012):




Play tracks from various albums:

Aria (from the album Aria, 1988)

Svalbard theme (from the album Siesta, 1993)

Friends (from the album Colour Slides, 1985)


Image galleries

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Images from Sigmund’s Christmas concert at Slemmestad church in Røyken on December 21, 2015. He was accompanied by Iver Kleive and Røyken Chamber Choir, conducted by Torild Høivang (conductor and piano).


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Images from Sigmund’s concert in Fagerborg church, Oslo, on December 12th 2013. The choir accompanying Sigmund and Øystein Lund Olafsen (conductor and piano) was Gospelkoret HIM.


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Images from Sigmund’s tour in Hungary, September 2013. Four concerts; in Pécs with Szabolcs Szamosi, then three concerts with Budapest Strings (Budapesti Vonosok) in Budapest, Kaposvar and Pécs. The pics show Sigmund with Szabolcs, and the orchestra’s rehearsal in Kodály Centre in Pécs.


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Images from Sigmund’s concert at the National Library in Oslo on January 18th, 2014.


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Images from Sigmund’s tour in South Korea, September 2013. The images are from Seoul Museum of Arts, with the harmonica orchestra in Anyang, and at the Korean Folk Village in Jeonju. Also the special Korean-only compilation CD, Harmonica Fantasy which contains much of what was played at the tour, including the Korean folk song Arirang, arranged by Sigmund, and Gavotte en rondeau by Bach, arranged by Tommy Reilly.

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