A special concert

On April 9th, 2021 a special concert will take place. No less than four anniversaries are to be celebrated by KORK, and Sigmund is heavily involved because one of the celebrations are about him!

(Norsk versjon)

The special concert will take place at NRK’s classic studio in Oslo, Store Studio, with NRK’s radio and TV orchestra Kringkastingsorkestret (KORK) in great shape! The occasion is the 75th anniversary of KORK but also the 75th anniversary of Sigmund Groven, and the 75th anniversary of the popular radio programme Meloditimen!

And, why not throw in the 50th anniversary of the evergreen collaboration between journalist and author legend Erik Bye and the harmonica master, Song of the harmonica, while we’re at it! No less than four anniversaries in one go! Sigmund composed the melody to Bye’s lyrics in 1971 and it has since been a modern standard in Norwegian music.

Both KORK and Sigmund saw the light of day in 1946 and so did Meloditimen, a radio programme that went on to become hugely popular, and it’s still on NRK every week. Come April 9th, KORK will celebrate these equally young institutions with a special concert in front of an audience as well as listeners.

Sigmund will of course be a soloist on several pieces, including of course Song of the harmonica.

Note: Due to strict covid-19 restrictions Sigmund’s concert with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra will not be open to the public. However, part of the planned programme will be recorded and will be broadcast on NRK radio and shown on TV in the near future. More information to follow.

Sigmund Groven with Johan Øian, a key musician in Meloditimen.

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