Johan Øian compilation

Sigmund and Johan Øian in 1967. (Photo: Mentz Schulerud Jr.)

On November 17, 2017 Grappa released a compilation CD where Sigmund Groven is involved as musician and producer. Musician Johan Øian (1915 – 1978) was known to Norwegians as the radio orchestra pianist, but he was also a composer of 360 registered musical works, often music set to lyrics by poets and authors such as Hans Børli, André Bjerke, Thorbjørn Egner and Alf Prøysen. Øian’s most well known children’s songs include the music for classics such as Helene Harefrøken, Bolla Pinnsvin and Nøtteliten. The 52-track double CD Johan Øien – pianisten og komponisten gives you a broad insight into the artistic work of Johan Øian, as a pianist and composer of classical music and folk tunes.

Much of the music presented on the CD originates from the rich archives of national broadcaster NRK, while 17 tracks were recently recorded with Sigmund Groven as producer. Two NRK archive recordings with Sigmund and Johan Øian have never been released before; Melodie Beguine (1976) and Engelsk landsbystemning (“English village mood”, 1975). There are also two recordings where Tommy Reilly and Johan Øian join forces; Seventeen Come Sunday and Om kvelden (“In the evening”), both from Reilly’s album Colours of my Life (1967), the latter track being produced by Sigmund Groven. There are also 9 other tracks where you can hear Sigmund’s musicianship supporting Øian’s music. Finally, Sigmund contributes to the CD’s liner notes.

A review of the CD can be found here (in Norwegian).

Order the CD from Grappa from their Norwegian site or their English site, or order it from CDon (Sweden – Norway – Denmark – Finland).

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