South Korea 2015

Did you know that at one point, Sigmund’s album out-sold pop stars Mariah Carey and Elton John in the pop charts in South Korea, even though he had never played there? Since then, and beginning in 2001, Sigmund has toured the country several times, and this year was no exception. Earlier this month, Sigmund played concerts in Daegu, Dangjin, Incheon and Nowon. The harmonica has its roots in East Asia, and one of the mouth organs, such as the Korean seng-hwang goes back centuries. Maybe the melancholy streak in my music and the nostalgic sound of my harmonica affects the emotions of the Korean people who have had so many tragic periods in their history. I always enjoy playing for Korean audiences, they are truly appreciative, Sigmund says about his Korean friends.

Here are some memories from Sigmund’s 2015 tour.


Outside the concert hall in Daegu.


Ivar Anton Waagaard, Sigmund and his Korean student Yoonseok Lee.


After the concert in Gangjin.


Signing records in Incheon.


Dangjin concert programme.


Daegu concert programme.


Nowon concert programme.


Nowon concert programme, inside.


Incheon concert programme.

More about Sigmund in Korea here and here.

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