Fact of the Month: Sigmund the teacher

Not surprisingly has Sigmund Groven shared his wealth of knowledge and artistry with students of various kinds. Not only has he had musical talents study under him as a personal coach, but following his University degrees in English, history and politicial science in 1969, Sigmund also taught at formal institutions. From 1983 to 1987 Sigmund taught at the Conservatoire of Music in Trondheim, Norway, and also gave lessons at Trondheim University. For decades, since the beginning in 1985, he has given seminars and lessons at the annual Norwegian Harmonica Forum.

In addition to having inspired thousands of school children with his skills, Sigmund has also given Master Classes around the world.

-No one had ever made a career as a professional harmonica-player in Scandinavia when I was a youngster, so the prospects of doing so seemed quite unrealistic although it was my dream. I had in mind a career in broadcasting or in teaching, but music took over, Sigmund said about his back-up plan in the Christmas interview.

skolekonsert 1975

Sigmund giving one of many concerts at schools. This picture is from 1975.

Since August 2018, Sigmund is again teaching at the highest level, at the Norwegian Academy of Music (Musikkhøgskolen) in Oslo.

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