Fact of the Month: Heading for the light

One of Sigmund’s classic and defining albums is Aria (1988), recorded with a range of top Norwegian musicians. The 8th track on that album is Heading for the light (Vegen til lyset), with Sigmund’s harmonica in duet with Ole Edvard Antonsen‘s flugelhorn (middle pic below). That tune came to be in a special, but yet normal way; one night during the May recording sessions, Sigmund woke up from his sleep with the tune ready in his mind. Sigmund got up, wrote the tune down, and got back to sleep. The day after the song was recorded in Jan Erik Kongshaug’s Rainbow Studio.

1988 – Aria

Other musicians on Heading for the light are Nipe Nyrén (acoustic guitar, left pic below), Bjørn Kjellemyr (contrabass), Pål Thowsen (drums) and Helge Iberg on synthesizer.


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