Fact of the Month: Sigmund’s discography

Sigmund Groven is not only a master harmonica performer and a versatile composer, he is also an experienced recording artist. His discography now counts 30 albums, starting with Så spiller vi harmonica in 1975. That means a new album almost every 18 months for nearly 45 years! Sigmund’s records span a variety… Continue reading

Fact of the Month: 2014 guest appearances

Sigmund Groven is a frequent contributor to other artists’ albums. This year he appears on these albums: Kåre Grøttum – Nyanser i blått (Grappa) This album includes Printemps, composed by Grøttum and featuring Tommy Reilly and Sigmund as soloists. Kåre Grøttum is a composer, pianist and NRK jazz veteran, known… Continue reading

Fact of the Month: The busy 1981

In the year 1981 Sigmund Groven was a busy musician. He released no less than three album, which all coincidentally were collaboration projects. Musikken inni oss (meaning “the music inside us”) was a musical collaboration with Arve Tellefsen, Norway’s most well known violin artist. Of the 11 tracks Sigmund composed… Continue reading