Sigmund Groven FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about Sigmund and his work. (Norsk FAQ her.)

Where can I get sheet music for Aria / Reodor’s ballad / Vårsøg / xxx?
A proper collection of sheet music, in book form, does not exist, unfortunately. However, the National Library provides sheet music for several compositions via their online service. You can also google “Sigmund Groven noter” (or tabs) to find some compositions on various websites, but these are not necessarily written or transcribed by Sigmund. Notebutikken stocks some works, but not always arranged for harmonica.

When and where will Sigmund perform/play?
All confirmed concerts are listed here at

What harmonica(s) does Sigmund recommend for beginners and advanced players?
A good beginner’s instrument is the Hohner Chromonica 270, C. Advanced models can be found in the ranges from Hohner, Suzuki and Seydel.

Which harmonica is Sigmund playing?
Sigmund is using a hand made, specially crafted silver chromatic Polle harmonica.

Did Sigmund compose and / or play the harmonica theme Reodor’s ballad in the Pinchcliffe Grand Prix movie?
All the music in that film was composed by the Danish composer and musician, Bent Fabricius-Bjerre. The melody is actually called Norwegian sunset, and the solo performer is Tommy Reilly (Sigmund’s mentor). Sigmund recorded a faithful version in 1998 for his Harmonica Album. Until 2015, when the film soundtrack was released, that was the only publicly available recording of the melody.

Is Sigmund willing to give private lessions to teach me playing the harmonica?
Educational requests should be directed to the Norwegian Harmonica Forum, which organizes seminars in various places around Norway. Sigmund is one of the teachers at the seminars, but for private lessons you could contact Tore Reppe and Vegard Austlid Kjøsnes. For advanced training, you may apply to the Norwegian Academy of Music where Sigmund teaches.

How do I hire Sigmund for my concert / festival / workshop / movie soundtrack / lecture?
Contact the management, Ad Libitum.

How do I contact Sigmund for an appearance on TV or radio?
Contact the management, Ad Libitum.

Where do I find Sigmund online?
The official websites are and this Facebook page.

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