Sigmund and Knut in Telemark

Tomorrow on August 2nd, Sigmund Groven and Knut Buen participate in a large “lockdown” music festival organized in Telemark, Norway by Notodden Blues Festival. In lack of a proper blues festival this year, local and national artists pay musical tribute to the traditional county Telemark with safe social distance!

The festival is called Somliga går med trasiga skor, taken from the title of a song by Swedish folk singer Cornelis Vreeswijk (1937-1987). The literal meaning is “some people walk in worn shoes” which may be symbolic for how artists of all kinds have been affected by the corona outbreak in 2020. However, the music festival is not a charity concert for artists, it is a musical tribute to Telemark, a Norwegian county with many and deep traditions, including music.

The festival will only be streamed online, with limited audience participation in some venues. You can watch the festival for free by tuning in to the blues festival’s Facebook page Sunday, August 2nd 2020 at 6 pm (CET). The festival will feature both recorded and live performances, including a new music video with Sigmund Groven and Knut Buen, who performs music from their upcoming album, The sound of Telemark.

In addition to Sigmund and Knut, two Telemark legends in their own right, you’ll also see and hear:

Åsmund Nordstoga
Linnea Dale
Vilde Westeng og Tone Anne Tveiten
Damer i Blues
Kåre Virud
Notodden Blues Band
Spoonful of Blues
Rita Engedalen
Ni Liv
Norwegian Soul Band
Prison Maniacs
Vidar Busk

The digital single for a new recording of Bruremarj frå Seljord was released yesterday, and tomorrow the music video will launch in various digital channels. Here’s the teaser:

The album The sound of Telemark will be released later this fall.

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