Fact of the Month: Album re-issues

Several of Sigmund Groven’s albums were re-issued with new front cover artwork (and in case of CDs, new booklets). Wether this was due to changing record companies or improvements in design technology or information requirements have not been explained, but collectors and fans may want to be aware of the differences in album art. Perhaps you are a completist collector, or maybe you wonder if the artwork you spotted is related to music missing from your basic row of Groven albums? Well, here is some help – re-issued albums and their original appearance.


Original album in 1985 – new version in 1998.


Original album in 1995 – new version in 1998.


Original album in 1993 – new version in 1998.


Original album in 1981 – new version in 1992.


Original album in 1996 – new version in 1998.

Some Asian pressings also have different artwork. Some CDs are only released in South Korea with special track selections, but here are some Asian versions of Sigmund’s standard CDs, with new artwork:

reissues-classicalharmonica reissues-harmonicaalbum reissues-herethereeverywhere

Some CDs are available to buy from Grappa.

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