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New album in the autumn
Sigmund Groven will release a new album this fall! It’s a collaboration with Hardanger fiddle master Knut Buen, a long time friend of Sigmund. The project is called The Sound of Telemark and will present folk music from and inspired by the traditional region. The recording of the album took place at the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum in Rjukan, Telemark, a UNESCO Industrial Heritage Site. Read more about this album in our rundown (in Norwegian for the time being).

The latest album: Sigmund Groven’s latest album is Songs for harmonica. Sigmund and Ivar Anton Waagaard (piano) recorded the album based on compositions by Norwegian composer Kristian Lindeman, a friend of Sigmund’s. The album was released by Grappa on September 20th, 2019 and is available in stores to buy.

Read more about the album on the dedicated page. The new album can be bought from Grappa (on CD) or digitally from a number of platforms.

Confirmed concerts

Concerts are in Norway unless otherwise mentioned.

Postponed! New date to be announced.
March 22nd, Oslo:
Sigmund is one of the artists who pay tribute to author Kjell Aukrust in a special show, on what almost would have been his 100th birthday. At Chat Noir at 7 pm. Also on stage: Toralv Maurstad, Kari Simonsen, Øystein Dolmen, Herborg Kråkevik, Knut Nærum, Solan, Ludvig and others. Get tickets here.

Postponed! New date to be announced.
April 4th, Vinje:
Music in the Groven Family, a concert together with Leiv Solberg (Hardanger fiddle) and Kåre Nordstoga (piano), at 2.30 pm at Vinjehuset in Vinje, Telemark.

Postponed! New date to be announced.
April 29th, Mo i Rana:
Andreas Kolstad Farewell Performance at Nordland Teater at 7 pm. With Sigmund, Båsmo Choir, Tor Petter Aanes, and others.

Postponed! New date to be announced.
April 30th, Mo i Rana:
As above.

Postponed! New date to be announced.
June 21st, Hole:
Concert together with Marianne Bye Granheim (mezzo-soprano) and Henning Sommerro (organ) at Bønsnes Church in Hole, Ringerike.

July 5th, Sandefjord: Midtåsen Kulturfestival (arts festival) opening concert – The Moonlight Sonata – with various artists, including Sigmund and Ivar Anton Waagaard (piano). This takes place at 9 pm.

August 2nd, Notodden: Sigmund Groven and Knut Buen participate in a digital concert event which is part of Notodden Blues Festival. The concert will be streamed online, with Sigmund and Knut performing from the great machine hall at Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum in Rjukan, Telemark (where their upcoming joint album also was recorded). The duo will premiere a song from their forthcoming album, The Sound of Telemark. Several other Telemark artists will participate in the special event, which can be watched anywhere in the world for free from 6 pm (Central European Time / Norwegian time).

Sigmund Groven and Knut Buen June 2020.

Sigmund Groven and Knut Buen (June 2020).

October 13th, Øvre Eiker: På kino i kveld (Music from the Movies), a special programme with Tone Braaten (soprano), Lars Klevstrand (vocal and guitar), Ivar Anton Waagaard (piano) and Sigmund. The concert starts at 7 pm in Vestfossen at Fossesholm Herregård.

August 7-9th, Tjøme: Harmonica seminar organised by Norsk Munnspillforum. Held at Røde Kors Kurs- og Konferansesenter (Red Cross), Eidene. The seminar programme will be reduced, and the traditional seminar concert will not be held.

Lars Klevstrand, Sigmund Groven, Tone Braaten, Ivar Anton Waagaard.

Tommy Reilly: 2019 marked the centenary of Tommy Reilly, the legendary harmonica virtuoso who was Sigmund’s mentor. On August 2nd, 2019 Chandos Records released a special CD, A Life in Music – Vintage Tommy Reilly with rare and previously unreleased recordings of Tommy Reilly, compiled by Sigmund and Tommy’s son David. Available from Chandos on CD (global shipping available) and also on Spotify and other streaming services.

Sigmund’s past records are listed on the discography page.

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As of August 2018, Sigmund is a harmonica teacher at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The academy is the highest level of music education in Norway.


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